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What is Euro PVP?

Euro PVP is a Knight Online 21XX server which we are constantly in development of and have a ton of working features. We created the files ourselfs needed to be able to run a 21XX Knight Online server. We are a closed source server, this means we have full control on what content we can add or even change, remove or improve.

99.9% of servers out there are not closed source. While anyone can say they are a 15XX, 18XX or even 19XX server, Euro PVP brings what you should expect of a 21XX server and more. For more info, click here.

Latest News



Server update

Updates and fixes and release date

The server has went under massive updates and changes. The server has more features and new items as ever before. You must kill other users to level up. Killing users can grant you bonus items. There are new corpse items, new wings and new emblems! For more infomation, please check the forums.

The server will open on 1 July. It will be the official opening and not a BETA opening stage. Everyone can create their accounts and will need a valid email address. Any questions, please ask on the forums. See you on 1 July!