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What is Euro PVP?

Euro PVP is a Knight Online 20XX server which we are constantly in development of and have a ton of working features. We created the files ourselfs needed to be able to run a 20XX Knight Online server. We are a closed source server, this means we have full control on what content we can add or even change, remove or improve.

99.9% of servers out there are not closed source. While anyone can say they are a 15XX, 18XX or even 19XX server, Euro PVP brings what you should expect of a 20XX server and more. For more info, click here.

Latest News



Opening 7th March, 2 PM GMT(+0), 4PM Turkey

EuroPvP V.2063

Due to complications, game experience would be better for all if the server was delayed by a day and would rather not rush it out as alot of things have been updated

The server will now open tomorrow : 7th March at 2PM GMT (+0) / Turkey = 7th Mart, 4 PM GMT!

In the meantime registration are open and you can register your account on the website and you can download the client at the top of this page by clicking 'download' and then clicking one of the links.

Exciting times! Hope to see your PK skills in-game!



Registration open

Euro PvP v.2063

The registration is now open for you to create your accounts. Please remember all account information when making the account as you may need it in the future.

See you in game soon!



Euro PvP V.2063

Fun jam packed! Opens 5th March / Mart

The server will be opening this week on 5th March / Mart. Client download will be available on this website and on the forums

The new version brings lots of updates and features such as a new character! Fishing, Item manufacturing, item rebuy, 4 characters per account and all the new under the castle weapons along with Bloody weapons, uniques and a NP store where you can buy certain items for your hard earned NP.

To check the server rates and guides such as getting started please check the forums. Over the forums you can also check out how to obtain armors such as Krowaz, dragon flight and under the castle weapons.

Promises to be the most enjoyable server ever!



How to EXP and other server information

PvP to next level!

To gain EXP to level up you must kill your fellow players! If you manage to kill a player who is a higher level than you, you will recieve more EXP from them!

There is also some events ingame like Bi-Frost that can double your EXP per kill if your in that town!

For more information reguarding the servers anvil rates, drops-rates, Clan grade information and more check the forums!